Auto Detailing

The Finest in Auto Detailing in British Columbia

Woody’s Detailing is a professional automobile cleaning company offering car, RV, motorcycle, and auto detailing and cleaning services.

Woody’s Detailing is an accredited System X® Ceramic Protection installation center that offers these auto detailing options -

  • Auto Exterior Detailing – Woody’s exterior car cleaning and detailing is gentler on the car’s parts.

    • System X® Window Treatment – protects windshield, mirror, glass headlamps, windows, and glass surfaces for up to two years.

    • Ceramic Coating Options.

    • Wax – A choice of Paste, Spray, or Carnauba wax.

    • Paint Correction

    • Wheel Coatings


  • Car Interior Detailing – Hard surface clean & treatment, windows, door jamb wash and wipe, and vacuum. Available with optional System X® Interior protectant, other options as follows –

    • Deodorizing

    • Carpet or Seat Shampoo

    • Interior Protectant

  • The Works – a combination of the above auto detailing services.


Have a question? Please reach out to Woody’s Detailing by phone (604-238-0682) or email.