Total Detailing Packages

Woody’s Offers the Finest in RV & Car Exterior & Interior Cleaning

Woody’s Detailing offers car, motorcycle, and RV cleaning and detailing to help keep the vehicle’s paint from dulling or peeling. At Woody’s, our hand washing and detailing services keeps your car looking new while protecting your investment. We offer -

  • Auto Exterior Detailing – our exterior cleaning services are gentler on the car’s paint and parts.

    • System X® Ceramic Protection – as an accredited installation center, Woody’s offers the ultimate car finish with ceramic coating options.

    • System X® Window Treatment – protects windshield, mirror, glass headlamps, windows, and glass surfaces for up to two years. The System X® Treatment improves visibility as it helps keep surfaces free from dirt.

    • Paint Correction – corrects small scratches and scuffs to allow the shine to come through.

    • Wax – adds to the life of paint and makes washing simpler. A choice of Paste,  Spray, or Carnauba wax.

    • Wheel Coatings


  • Car Interior Detailing – includes vacuum and cleanup of all surfaces. Available with optional System X® Interior protectant, as follows –

    • Basic Interior Cleaning

    • Deodorizing

    • Carpet Shampoo

    • Seat Shampoo

    • The Works – a combination of all of Woody’s available car interior detailing services.


  • Boat & RV Detailing

    • Boat Detailing – rids the boat of sea life contaminants, salt, and exhaust with System X® Marine Ceramic Protection – a water-resistant protective coating to help keep it clean.

    • RV Detailing – rids the RV of road dirt, bird droppings, sun damage, and tree sap.


  • Semi-Trucks

  • Motorcycle Detailing


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