About Woody's Detailing and Accessories

Whether it is your Car or Motorcycle, you can rely on our fully trained staff at the Auto Detailing Shop in Chilliwack to give your vehicle an amazing shine!

Greg Stefanyshyn is the Owner and Manager of Woody’s Detailing in Chilliwack BC. Woody’s Detailing was started in July of 2020 and has grown to its current location on 42952 South Sumas Rd. 

Greg started working in the detailing business back in 1977. Employed with Crossroads Ford as a Wash Rack Person. Back in the day, there was no real training, you were handed some rags, a razor blade, steel wool, soap, a container of Color Back and Turtle wax for jobs that wanted the “Full Treatment” and away you went. 

I eventually graduated to a mechanic but detailing stayed with me. I ran a small shop from my home for many years mainly interior, exterior, and some paint protection applications. I enjoyed the feeling you get after you are finished. Standing back and looking at the final product and having a customer comment on how nice their car looks.

Times have sure changed, Graphene and Ceramic finishes, great advancements in tools, and polishing pads all add up to a very exciting time for detailers. I am so happy to have stuck around the detailing business for so long. But the most exciting thing is we now have a full-service shop for detailing, three bays, one with an automotive hoist and a motorcycle hoist, making our jobs a little easier. We are also able to offer undercarriage detailing and rust protection. Woody’s Detailing is fully licensed, and insured and our staff is fully trained. 

I look forward to working on your vehicle in the near future.