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The fully licensed staff at our Auto Detailing Shop in Chilliwack, BC will make your bike look like you just bought it!

Woody's Detailing

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At Woody's it just not anyone working on your bike. As a bike owner I am keenly aware of the bond between you and your ride. We lovingly and carefully remove each part, photo log the condition, polish and coat each piece in its entirety, coat the frame, then let the parts cure 24 hours before re-assembly. Yes the process is time consuming, but it ensures every part is protected and cured before re-assembly. After all Ceramic Coatings aren't cheap. Our Max Ceramic coating is guaranteed for the life of your ride and registered with CarFax.

Car Detailing BC
Removing the front, rear fenders and side covers allows us to fully buff and treat them. All painted surfaces are complete. Chrome and other shiny surfaces are treated. before re-assembly. All exposed frame components are treated at this time. After all they are subjected to the same contaminates as the fenders and tank.
Car Detailing BC
Buffing and treatment complete and dash re-installed. Tank is completely covered, top, sides and bottom. You would not be able to reach some spots with the buffer without this process.
Car Detailing BC
Removing all of the dash allows us to fully buff and treat the tank. Once re-assembled there are no lines, all swirl marks and fine scratches are completely removed even in hard to reach areas, like the holes in the dash cover. The parts are then treated and left to cure for 24 hours.
Car Detailing BC
Rear fender now complete and new strip brake light installed. The reflection speaks for its self.
Car Detailing BC
Bike is now complete, fully cured and ready to ride. This bike is now 4 years old and look like new! On delivery it looked okay, that is until it was in the direct sun, swirl marks, scratches from dusting in the show room and handling left its mark. Clean up after a ride is so easy now, bugs, road grime and such are removed with a light wash using a good mild detergent and garden hose. No high pressure spray needed. This means reduced water infiltration or damaged seals.

REMEMBER: The quality of the finished product is directly related to the paint correction process. This is why we take our time to dismantle the painted surfaces. Treat your ride to the best, call Woody's today!

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